Simukaupenye Integrated Youth Academy Zimbabwe

Investing in Meaningful Youth Leadership and Participation for Sustainable Sport and Community Development

SIYA Zimbabwe Trust is an inclusive and action oriented youth-led organization founded by Wellington Bakaimani in 2016. Young people in Zimbabwe face different problems that require innovative ways to address them. Youths are key agents of positive change hence our main focus is to empower young people to take the lead in developmental programs within their community through a well-integrated system. We use sport to reach out to young people with different programs. The organization has ventured into mutual partnerships with more youth-serving organizations in Zimbabwe to promote effective collaborations. We are operating in  Mashonaland Central and Masvingo Provinces. The organization have a broader volunteer base of diverse and active young people across Zimbabwe and is being managed by a youthful team with a board of advisors. Through our efforts young people are inspired to take action, transforming their communities in all sectors and contribute efectively to Sustainable Development.

Our vision is: “Healthy, Engaged and Pro-Active youths meaningfully contributing towards Sustainable Development by 2030”

Partnering with us for sustainable development  

SIYA Zimbabwe is a youthful organization, hence partnering with youth is an investment itself. We are open to strategic partnerships, locally and internationally. Sport is more than just games and sports codes, it’s about people. Youths are not just members of the community but rather are assets and agents of social transformation. Sport and business are intricately interwoven in the social, economic and cultural fabric of a given community and society in Zimbabwe. 

There’s need for a shift in working with young people, valuing them as assets, colleagues and stakeholders and having an active integrated approach to youth participation. This is crucial if youth development policies and forums are to be truly representative and effective. The active, informed and voluntary involvement of young people in decision making and development programs is vital if valuing youths as assets are to be achieved.

Within our partnerships, we value MUTUAL BENEFIT for all our partners. Partnership for sustainable development.

Expected results

Overall improvement of youth lives through leadership and participation in sport and areas of population and development, sexual reproductive health under well-coordinated and integrated system a supportive and collaborative environment.