Our Programs

What we do

1. Integrated Youth Clubs

This program brings youths together to collaborate their efforts at the grassroots level to address issues affecting them and their communities. Club members are provided with trainings to advance their skills, innovation and networking with youth-serving organizations and ensure community ownership of projects and programs. The program is being implemented in Shamva and Masvingo and has reached more than 200 youths. Through the clubs youths are engaging in clean up campagins, community advocacy, income generating projects and other initiatives beneficial to their communities.

2. Teens Championing SDGs

This is a unique and innovative program that identifies, recognise and support teenagers who are engaging in services, projects and activities which are contributing to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals at grassroots level. The project appreciates the grass roots efforts by young people between the ages of 13 to 20 years. Young people are empowered through trainings and platforms for learning and networking to equip them to act towards ending poverty, inequality, unemployment, address climate change and environmental challenges. It promotes collaboration among teenagers to advance their visions and grow the initiatives at grassroots linking them to national and global efforts to achieve SDGs. 100 champions have been recruited across Zimbabwe.

3. Youth Leadership

Promoting youth leadership and participation in sport, health, entrepreneurship and community development through training workshops and camps. The aim of this project is to invest in youth leadership for sustainable development with the main focus on promoting gender equality.

4. Sports and Recreation

We strive to promote sports and recreation participation among young people by creating platforms for them to participate, compete and excel regardless of their physical or mental ability. This program contributes towards the attainment of Sports and Recreation Commission’s mission and the sports for all concept. We integrate sports into our programs as we use it as a tool to mobilize young people for a common cause. This program has a subproject called KIDS SPORT which focuses on introducing children in pre-school into different sporting activities.

5. Youth Friendly Spaces

We have established youth friendly corners which are safe spaces for youths to mix and mingle, playing indoor and outdoor games while discussing SRH and health related issues. The spaces are manned by Peer Educators. Our peer education programs involve young people of same age, experience and interest, communicating HIV, life skills and sexuality information and strategies that lead to positive behaviour change. Our organization ensures that we have peer educators in all our sports clubs and integrated youth clubs. Peer educators are vital resources in our programs.

6. Volunteer Service

The program creates a culture of volunteerism, patriotism, unity and commitment among young people and builds their capacity to undertake projects and services beneficial to their communities. The program motivates young people to plough back to their communities through volunteering their services, time, skills, ideas and talents. Volunteering proved to be a constructive use of spare time. Through this program, we engage youths in community projects that include cleanup campaigns, tree planting, and other benefits to communities.

7. Advocacy

Our organization lobby and advocate for the unlocking and availing of local resources to support education, sports, arts and recreation facilities development and youth empowerment programs. We also advocate for effective youth leadership and engagement in development programs and the provision of youth-friendly services in all sectors. Modes we use include, performing arts, dialogues, advocacy meetings and petition papers. Communicating information among young people and youth-serving organization is a priority.

8. Edutainment

We educate and empower youths through entertaining activities and programs. Modes we use are video screening, stage play, movement games. These are interesting and interactive modes of learning which are catchy and keep young people engaged. They provide an open dialogue amongst young people to discuss after watching or playing a traditional game.

Treatment Literacy Through Sport